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Evangelion 4th Movie in the works

Battle Angel

Battle Angel OVA 480p Mp4


screens 1 | screens 2




Nyaa is dead, will update links on posts and in archives once i re-upload all of them on the new nyaa with the new tracker and i will start seeding them all.

All this and more at the end of June since that’s when i finish my exams. (Med school is a bitch)


Free Paladins key, first come first served, leave me a valid mail in the comments section so i can send it to you. Fun game, you guys should give it a try, add me if you ever want to play together, Sorin91.


Should I?

Should I ask for donations like everybody else nowadays, seems like that’s a trend, would you guys even bother donating to me? I guess not. :p

Important announcement

Hey guys, I just want to let you know that for the following 10 days I will be on vacation and the seeding will be off on all my torrent, will get to work on new stuff once I’m back (Hentai Kamen, Persona 3 movies, Evangelion movies, First squad, etc.). Look forward to my return :3 cya!!!

UPDATE: Well, i’m back, seems nobody missed me :)) oh well i had a great time, and didn’t miss you guys either so now we can all go back to work.

60 FPS anime opening/ending

I don’t know if there are any differences, you be the judges

Bakemonogatari OP

original fps : | depositfiles

60 fps : | depositfiles

Highschool DxD ED

origonal fps : | depositfiles

60 fps : | depositfiles

Don’t know if best choice for this experiment, tell me what you would like me to experiment on, advice is welcome.


Welcome to this not so wonderfull page of mine, be sure not to rape it. thx.

Oh and btw, here are some boobs: