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Tailenders BD 1080p MP4 Movie

Great movie, highly recommended, TORRENT.


Nisemonogatari BD 720p MP4

You know where this is going… torrent HERE!!!


Nekomonogatari BD 720p MP4


For this release I will let Neko Tsubasa take the spotlight, so… here is your torrent NYAAA!!!


Tsukimonogatari BD 720p MP4


This is the latest chapter in the Monogatari Series, take it while it’s HOT! –> Torrent

Monogatari 2nd Season

Monogatari 2nd Season BD720p MP4


Your guys really wanted this one, so I did it early :3 just grab it HERE.

Here are Direct Download links becasue someone requested it:

Arc 01 Nekomonogatari Shiro Batch : Depositfiles

Arc 02 Kabukimonogatari Batch : Depositfiles

Arc 03 Otorimonogatari Batch : Depositfiles

Arc 04 Onimonogatari Batch : Depositfiles

Arc 05 Koimonogatari Batch : Depositfiles

Arc 06 Hanamonogatari Batch : Depositfiles


Bakemonogatari BD 720p MP4


Senjo’s Ass :3

Oh! and here’s the TorrenT <– yeah press the Torrent with a big T.

60 FPS anime opening/ending

I don’t know if there are any differences, you be the judges

Bakemonogatari OP

original fps : | depositfiles

60 fps : | depositfiles

Highschool DxD ED

origonal fps : | depositfiles

60 fps : | depositfiles

Don’t know if best choice for this experiment, tell me what you would like me to experiment on, advice is welcome.


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